Carolina Sachs

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Carolina Sachs

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Natural protein produced by using air, climate controlled indoor farms, artificial meat made out of cells? Yes, this is already a reality.

But we need to find many more new sustainable methods of producing food. It is a crucial challenge to tackle in a world where we - soon - will be 10 billion people.

Caroline Sachs has for decades focused on this, working with business as a force for change in the way produce and consume food.

For many years she dealt with these issues as the Secretary General of the Swedish non-profit organisation Axfoundation.

Now she is running the investment company Martas Explorers in Stockholm which invests in start-up businesses dedicated to finding environmentally friendly ways of producing food.

Written by: Carolina Sachs and Helene Almqvist
Produced by: Helene Almqvist
Sound design by: Viktor Bergdahl
Executive producer: Sandra Charléz


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