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The Oracle is a podcast where you will meet passionate people who share their visions for how we can meet todays global challenges. They come from different fields of expertise: architecture, medicine, farming, design and many more. From their point of view they will tell us about the real problems we are facing. But also where they see the hope for a better future. Because there are reasons to be optimistic. And they will tell us why.

The Oracle is made by Munck studios in collaboration with IKEA for the International City Expo, H22, in Helsingborg, Sweden 2022. More information and all the episodes can be found at or wherever you get your podcasts.


Carolina Sachs

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Carolina Sachs

by Ikea at H22

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Natural protein produced by using air, climate controlled indoor farms, artificial meat made out of cells? Yes, this is already a reality.

But we need to find many more new sustainable methods of producing food. It is a crucial challenge to tackle in a world where we - soon - will be 10 billion people.

Caroline Sachs has for decades focused on this, working with business as a force for change in the way produce and consume food.

For many years she dealt with these issues as the Secretary General of the Swedish non-profit organisation Axfoundation.

Now she is running the investment company Martas Explorers in Stockholm which invests in start-up businesses dedicated to finding environmentally friendly ways of producing food.

Written by: Carolina Sachs and Helene Almqvist
Produced by: Helene Almqvist
Sound design by: Viktor Bergdahl
Executive producer: Sandra Charléz


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