Ep. 41 - Kate Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Play Magnus

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Ep. 41 - Kate Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Play Magnus

by Power Ladies

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Kate Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Play Magnus, on chess, Magnus Carlsen, Business Development & Wellness.

Kate Murphy is CEO & Co-Founder of Play Magnus, a technology & Content Creation Company founded in 2013 - with a team consisting of World Chess Champion himself Magnus Carlsen. It consists of two apps, Play Magnus and Magnus trainer and they just merged with chess24.

She is working on helping children become smarter and gain confidence by making chess available online. And together with Magnus Carlsen and their team they are making chess cool!!

Under Kats watch the company is now valued at 34.6 million USD. Wow! They have 5 million downloads and 2 MILLION active users A MONTH!!!

Kate Murphy can be called a serial entrepreneur and is originally from Canada but has been living in Norway for the past 7 years.

Kate started her first company, a candle company when she was 12. At 23 she co-founded Canadas largest national dance convention, iDance, which is now in its 11th season running and features the stars from the So you think you can dance TV Show. And in 2010 she led the coordination of the British Olympic Activation during the Vancouver Games. When she came to Norway in 2012 she started Living Pretty Naturally, a natural beauty blog and webshop - which is still going strong. Next to being a business developer she is also a wellness queen and a yoga teacher teaching yoga twice a week. And she hosts different events focused on wellness. She is certain that if she did take care of her self the way she does with yoga, meditation eating healthy, she wouldn't manage do to as much as she manage to do. In the episode we get to learn a little bit about Magnus Carlsen, Chess, and Kate Murphy's Journey. We will touch a lot into the wellness part :))