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It's you, the people who awkwardly make us laugh on the bus, and being our loyal friend on the way to work. Thanks for everything. Keep creating and being you. We'll take care of the rest.

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    The idea behind Podspace is simple. You create the best content for your listeners, all while we make sure they can find it through their favorite apps.

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  • Sounds Like a Plan


    From 2.90 € per month, Podspace MINI is a great way to start your podcast adventure. MINI gives you all the features needed to host a great show.


    Host a flourishing podcast business with Podspace PRO. A perfect solution for studios with multiple shows, creators, ad segments, and so much more.

  • Listener Insight

    For us, numbers are essential, and in this case, numbers are people – listening to your content. That's why we want to make sure only to give you honest and verified data. All of our data is IAB 2.0 compliant. Tested and approved by Kantar Media Audit.

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    Sometimes the show must go on. That's why all of our plans include what most would call an unlimited number of episodes and length.

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    We're by your side from your very first listener and beyond to the stars. Podspace offers a fully-fledged pod hosting service with everything you need to deliver great content to your audience.

    1 000
    Up to 1 000 listenings per month.
    2.90 € per month.
    Unlimited storage for your podcast*
    Unlimited amount of new episodes*
    Help to distribute content to major platforms
    Green energy servers across the board
    Release scheduling of new episodes
    Automatic catalog import when moving to Podspace
    * Unlimited is of course a factor of fair use.

    Studios & Networks

    If you're managing multiple shows or perhaps a network of podcasts, we're here for you too.

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    Never hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or thoughts when moving your podcast to Podspace.

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